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Founder and Senior Lecturer

Uebert Angel is the founder of and the senior lecturer at Osborn Institute Of Theology.

As the founder of Osborn, Angel has created an online Theology school for students of all economic backgrounds and advocated for OIT courses to be available and accessible to a global audience. He has broadened the Institutes international reach, raised the profile of the accredited courses, embraced sustainability, launched the online learning partnership, and promoted collaboration across academic disciplines and administrative units as he guided the Institution through its creation, accreditation, and launch.

Citizen and resident of the UK, Angel went on to attend Salford University in Greater Manchester. He received two degrees in Finance, achieving student of the year on campus. 

He is the author of eight books, including best-seller “Prayer Banks”. His most recent book, “Good News”, and top sellers “Supernatural Power of the Believer” and “Gods Medicine.” 

Prophet Uebert Angel is Zimbabwe’s Presidential Envoy and Ambassador Plenipotentiary to Europe and America and public figure, having close relationships with many heads of state and world leaders. He is also President of the Good News World, The Uebert Angel Foundation which is renown for its philanthropic work globally in sponsoring children in schools, orphanages, widows etc.


Jerome Fernando

​Presiding over an ever-expanding trilingual ministry both within Sri Lanka and across continents, Prophet Jerome Fernando is the Senior Overseer of KRC The Glorious Church in Colombo, Sri Lanka, with a growing congregation of over thousands both locally and as part of the Glorious Global Church.

He is a gifted Minister of the five-fold ministry, a prolific preacher of God’s undiluted word, an erudite teacher of deep revelations and a Prophet of God called to impact, inspire and influence the nations, through the integrity of the Word of God, confirmed by signs, wonders, miracles, and prophetic exploits.

His ministry exulted to a greater dimension in the year 2019 when he and his precious wife Pastor Melanie went under the spiritual covering of the Godfather of the prophetic movement, Prophet Uebert Angel, and his wife Prophetess Beverley Angel.


*Guest Lecturer at the London School of Theology, United Kingdom
*Associate Minister at Andrew Wommack Ministries, USA

*Associate Minister at Charis Bible College, USA

Jerome Fernando



Pastor Jordan Banks


Pastor Jordan Banks is the International Director of Cell and Foundation Ministry and a member of the Executive Council for Spirit Embassy. He is also the the Senior Pastor for Spirit Embassy Newcastle, based in the United Kingdom.

He is a lucid, eloquent and passionate teacher of the Word, opening up the Scriptures with the teachings of His Excellency Ambassador Prophet Uebert Angel. He began to follow the Prophet’s ministry online in 2012 and started experiencing the reality of Jesus in a new way, as well as having many supernatural encounters. Pastor Jordan was released into ministry in 2014, under the grace of the leader of the last Prophetic dispensation, Prophet Angel together with his wife Pastor Eve Banks, who is the International Director for Uebert Angel Foundation.


– Holds a Certificate from Osborn Institute
– Holds a Diploma from Osborn Institute
– Involved in planting new Spirit Embassy cell groups and branches globally
– Responsible for training Foundation Classes for The GoodNews World

Pastor Moses as he’s commonly called is the Senior Pastor of Spirit Embassy Birmingham in the United Kingdom and a member of the Executive Council for Spirit Embassy/The GOODNEWS WORLD. He is also the Anchor of “ATMOSPHERE FOR HEALING” a special telecast on the GOODNEWS TV, MIRACLE TV and all social media platforms of the GOODNEWS WORLD that highlights the miraculous healing power of God through the highly esteemed Prophet H.E Amb Uebert Angel.

Pastor Moses is very passionate of Jesus and an ardent teacher of the Word, dissecting the Scriptures with the revelation of His Excellency Ambassador Prophet Uebert Angel. He joined Prophet’s Angel ministry (Spirit Embassy) in 2014 and started experiencing the reality of Jesus in diverse ways, as well as having many supernatural encounters. Pastor Moses was ordained into ministry as Pastor in 2017, under the grace of the Prophet to Christianity and the World, the highly esteemed Prophet Uebert Angel.


– Holds a Certificate from Osborn Institute
– Holds a Diploma with distinction from Osborn Institute
– Involved in propagating The GoodNews and travels with the highly esteemed Prophet around the world.

Pastor Moses Julue


our core values define who we are, and what we aspire to be as an institution and the above-mentioned values are reinforced in our students through the courses we offer.

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Both the Certificate and Diploma in Theology have been designed to provide flexible programmes of study. We recognize that some students prefer to work within a given timescale as this provides them with the structure they need to be able to focus on study. We realize that other people need an entirely flexible timescale within which to work on account of the demands of life or personal preference. We offer both kinds of timescales. We ask students to choose the timescale for study which will enable them to achieve their objectives.

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