The Diploma comprises of 4 modules namely Euggallion, Demonology, Believers Authority, Eschatolohy which runs over the course of 24 weeks. Students are assessed through attendance, tutorials, assignments and assessments.



The Certificate comprises 4 modules namely Spiritual Framework and Analysis, Creationism, Pneumatology, Celestial Analysis which runs over the course of 24 weeks. Students are assessed through attendance, tutorials, assignments and assessments.

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The programme is delivered through an online learning platform. On starting a module, students will be provided with tutor contact details and will access learning materials through the Virtual Learning Environment where learning materials and student forums are located. Students are supported by a tutor who is a subject specialist as they work through the learning materials and prepare assignments. The online delivery format contains courses delivered through a virtual classroom experience that is flexible, personal and challenging for students.  Our approach offers flexibility and enables our students to combine work with studies.

Most communication with OIT will be by email, or through the Virtual Learning Environment.  Assignments are written and submitted electronically. Therefore students must be computer literate and have access to computer and internet facilities.

Class of 2023! There is nothing more precious than the Word of God and studying it is a privilege.

The Osborn Institute of Theology is pleased to offer the Certificate Level which has 4 Modules namely:

Module 1 Spiritual Framework and Analysis.

  • Lesson 1 Creationism
  • Lesson 2 Spirit, Soul and Body
  • Lesson 3 Light and Matter
  • Lesson 4 Spirit,Soul and Body.

Module 2 Creationism

  • Lesson 1 Creationism
  • Lesson 2 Creationism
  • Lesson 3 Creationism
  • Lesson 4 Creationism

Module 3 Pneumatology

  • Lesson 1 Who is the Holy Spirit
  • Lesson 2 Fellowship with the Holy Spirit
  • Lesson 3 Seal of Salvation
  • Lesson 4 Pneumatology

Module 4 Celestial Analysis

  • Lesson 1 Celestial Being Classification: Angels
  • Lesson 2 Celestial BeingClassification: Demons
  • Lesson 3 Celestial Being Classification: Origins of Satan
  • Lesson 4 Celestial Being Classification: Human Form


Your facilitators are as follows:

•Director Pastor Jordan Banks

•Director Pastor Moses Julue

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  • 90–100 High Distinction
  • 75–89 Distinction
  • 50–74 Pass
  • Less than 49–Fail


  • Our final mark will be based on these criteria:
  1. Attendance–5%
  2. Tutorial–5%
  3. Assignment–10%
  4. Final Assessment–80%

Students enrolling for the Course must have a good understanding of oral and written English and must have access to internet.